Integrated Solutions

Supplier Discovery

At the core of Zeta Global Sourcing lies the pursuit of excellence for our customers’ supply chain. With decades of experience in sourcing, our existing contacts who offer high-quality production

Certificates and Regulatory Compliance

All products and manufacturing services must comply with legal, regulatory requirements. We ensure that all certifications exist and are 100% legal, genuine, and up-to-date. These include CE, CSA, ROHS, and many others.

Quality Control Inspections

Lack of quality oversight can spell disaster for retail brands. Our detail-oriented, local QC teams conduct inspections regularly. Pre-shipment and other production chain options are available. We aim to provide what you need to bring the best products to your customers.


Contract Negotiations

Our Chinese negotiation specialists have the experience, local knowledge, communication skills, and professional ability to interact with production facilities of all sizes. This opens up the possibilities for less highly marketed factories without compromising quality, payment terms, or other essential elements.

In-Depth Research and Background Checks

You can trust the manufacturer completely when our experienced team does their due diligence to explore all avenues of information gathering. Background and current operation checks include 3rd party sources, government databases, and more.

Market-based Price Checks

Increase your ROI and profit margins by using our price verification services. Even if you opt to stay with an existing supplier, we will research and ensure market-appropriate pricing for product manufacturing.

The Ultimate One-Stop Solution for
All Product Sourcing and Management Needs


Organized Product Specifics

  • User-friendly dashboard for all project information
  • Check development, production, and shipping status easily
  • Fully transparent and immediate notifications

Comprehensive Scheduling Calendar

  • Manage essential deadlines and dates
  • Track shipping times
  • Handle dates for inspections and more

Regular Project Updates

  • Enjoy scheduled updates every step of the way
  • Prompt notification of issues and improvements
  • A dedicated account manager keeps you informed

Reliable Alerts Through Email, SKYPE, WeChat, WhatsApp, and SMS

  • Never miss another important email
  • Choose your desired contact method
  • Get notified immediately about production status, shipping, payments, and more

What Our Clients Say About Us


Usman M, Purchasing Manager

We’re probably one of Zeta’s smaller customers, but we’re treated like royalty. Everything we ask for is dealt with quickly, conscientiously, and with good communication.


Doug D, Product Manager

They make it look easy and handle it all! They even manage the development of some of our more straightforward projects. It’s cliche, but working with Zeta Soucing is like having a branch office in Bangkok, Shenzhen, and Beijing.


Julie M, Product Manager

Zeta Sourcing takes care of the entire supply chain for us. We tell them what we want, and they do the rest. We just receive the goods in our various warehouses.


Martin, Senior Buyer

We’ve been using Zeta’s services for a few years now and honestly wouldn’t want to work with a factory they didn’t inspect for us.


Jessie V, Buyer

Zeta’s help in sourcing and qualifying factories in Asia has been instrumental in our supply chain success!

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