Why Consider Verifying a Supplier Before Purchasing?

At Zeta Global Sourcing, our aim is to bring a revolution in an international courier service through our China Air Courier Service. We prioritize efficiency and reliability, when it comes to shipping goods from China to your doorstep. With our extensive network and strategic partnerships, our comprehensive courier service is here to cater all your shipping needs including, samples, documents, and various goods.

Moreover, our China air Courier service offer various advantages for international shipments. We provide a seamless “door-to-door” delivery process. We handle everything from picking up your goods in China to delivering them to your destination. We manage all customs- related procedures to make sure smooth clearance at both origin and destination ports, and handle all tax and duty payments, making all the shipping process hassle free. Additionally, we also offer integration with Amazon FBA, that allow you to directly deliver it to warehouse worldwide, regardless of your business location.

Difference Between Air Courier and Air Freight

Air Courier (Express): This is a "door-to-door" service where the courier company manages the entire process, including local pickup and delivery, customs clearance and payment of taxes and duties.

Air Freight: This service is "airport-to-airport," means the carrier is responsible only for transporting your goods from the origin airport to the destination airport. The custom clearance and further delivery to your door requires an involvement of a customs clearing/ forwarding agent.

When to Consider Our China Air Courier Services

It is important to choose the right mode of transport for all your imports. Here are the situations when you should consider our China Air Courier services:

Sending Samples: Air courier services are perfect for sending samples quickly and securely. Whether you're testing new products or showcasing your offerings to potential clients, our service ensures your samples reach their destination promptly.

High-Value, Low-Volume Goods: Goods that are valuable but not overly heavy, such as tablets and watches, benefit from air courier services. Zeta Global Sourcing provides a cost-effective solution for shipping these items efficiently.

Urgent Requirements: When time is of the essence, air courier services are the go-to option. With faster transit times compared to sea shipping, we help you meet urgent demands without compromising on quality.

Cash-Conversion-Cycle (CCC) Management: Air courier services reduce your cash-conversion-cycle, allowing you to maintain a shorter turnaround time for your merchandise. This is especially advantageous for businesses that require quick inventory turnover.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Our service offers a seamless "door-to-door" process, handles customs clearance, integrates with Amazon FBA, and provides competitive rates.
Air courier is a full-service, door-to-door option, while air freight is airport-to-airport. Choose courier for samples, valuable but light goods, or urgent shipments.
CCC management is crucial for quick inventory turnover. Air courier services expedite delivery, reducing your CCC and enhancing business agility.
Yes, we provide a 360° Portal for real-time tracking and email notifications to keep you informed about your cargo's location.
Absolutely! Our integration with Amazon FBA allows you to deliver goods to their warehouses, regardless of your business location.