Introducing Our China Factory Audit Service:

Zeta's China Factory Audit service is tailored to instill complete confidence in your suppliers before you enter contracts with them. In other words, we assist you in verifying the claims of your supplier by assessing the history, competency, and capabilities of potential suppliers. A factory audit is usually conducted after the supplier identification and shortlisting process.

Our China Factory Audit takes center stage once this thorough supplier identification and shortlisting process is complete. Through on-site assessments and verification, we ensure that the selected supplier meets and exceeds your expectations. We work hard to safeguard your investments and to foster a trustworthy supplier relationship.

When to use our China Factory Audit Service?

Suppose you are placing a large order or intending to collaborate with a factory on a regular basis. It is better to learn beforehand if your new supplier is capable of fulfilling your requirements. This is where a China Factory Audit comes into the picture. We will physically audit the supplier's premises and verify their licenses, processes, employees' skills, production lines, and other important factors.


What is included in the China Factory Audit Service?

Verification of Physical Location

Our first priority is to arrange a site visit to the supplier's premises to confirm their physical presence. Our team of specialist auditors meticulously assess major to minor details of the factory and production lines.

Identity Verification

We also review the company's contact information, communicate with their representatives, confirm their legal identity, and authenticate registration certificates through regulatory channels to inspect supplier reliability.

Evaluation of Competency

Our assessment extends to the factor's production processes, such as welding, SMT, testing, assembly, annual/seasonal capacities, export competence (licenses, sales ratios), and workforce details (staff numbers, allocation).

Assurance of Quality

Lastly, we verify internal QA/QC processes, identify quality managers, and assess ISO certifications. Moreover, our team also reviews working hours, labor conditions, and product documentation (quality checklists, lab testing) to ensure compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

A China Factory Audit is crucial when placing significant orders or establishing a long-term partnership with a factory. It ensures that the business you intend to collaborate with can meet your requirements reliably, offering a clear assessment of their capabilities and reliability.
Our audit process involves four key steps: verifying the physical location of the supplier's premises, confirming their identity and legal status, assessing production competency, and ensuring the quality and compliance of the factory's operations.
We prioritize efficiency and can typically schedule a Factory Audit within 48 hours. We understand the importance of timely assessments in decision-making.
You'll receive a detailed audit report in PDF format, encompassing various aspects of the audit, photographs, and our recommendations. This comprehensive report empowers you to make informed decisions regarding your supplier base.
We take pride in our experienced auditors, who follow international audit procedures and maintain strict standards. We also have an extensive network of auditors covering major industrial cities in China, ensuring the reliability and consistency of our audit services.