Why Consider Verifying a Supplier Before Purchasing?

In a technologically advanced world, we love to do things quickly. However, in need of rapidness, we often make mistakes, resulting in other people taking advantage. North American Companies targeted by fraudulent companies in China pose some of the most obvious risks. These companies strategically make you believe they are solid and disappear immediately after the payment process. This practice is so common it is considered an industry within itself.

In many cases, there is no legal recourse for the victim. Before signing any contract or sending funds to a Chinese company, consider verifying its existence.

A Reliable Company to Perform a Verification of a China Supplier:

Zeta Global Sourcing is prepared to offer a solution in the form of a professional verification of the Chinese Company. With years of experience, Zeta Global Sourcing provides the best Chinese company Verification Services on the market. From patiently listening to your needs to giving quick and easy solutions to your problems, Zeta Global Sourcing is a trusted resource. What sets us apart from other companies? Primarily flexible customer service from all over the world. We believe in complete customer satisfaction, so we give 1000% effort to protect you from fraudulent activity.


Why Choose Us?

Professional Staff: All our staff are professionals with years of experience residing in the country of origin. They make physical visits, understand the compliance requirements, and can dig deep to research any potential red flags.

Organized Verification Process: Global Sourcing's process to provide top-tier verification services is well-managed and organized. We check government databases, legitimate resources, previous payment track records, and the background of the key individuals involved in the company's management.

Customer Happiness Matters Most: The primary reason behind the success of Zeta Global Sourcing is its customer service. We have years of experience and customers with hundreds of positive stories to tell.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Ans: China Company Verification is a service that ensures the legitimacy and credibility of any Chinese company before entering into a business partnership or finalizing any financial transactions.
Ans: Verifying a Chinese company helps prevent falling victim to fraudulent activities and ensures a safe and trustworthy business partnership.
Ans: Zeta Global Sourcing employs a comprehensive process, including checks on government databases, legitimate resources, payment track records, and background checks on key individuals. Physical visits are also typical.
Ans: Zeta Global Sourcing, with offices throughout Asia, prioritizes customer satisfaction with a professional team dedicated to providing the best verification services and a well-organized verification process.
Ans: Ensuring customer happiness is paramount to Zeta Global Sourcing's success. Regardless of a potential supplier's influence or founder's reputation, the focus is verifying reliability and safeguarding against fraud.
Ans: Zeta Global Sourcing's verification services offer protection by thoroughly assessing a company's legitimacy, utilizing professional staff and an organized verification process, ultimately safeguarding clients from potentially fraudulent activities.